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Smaller Private Dining & Function Room

An elaborate banqueting hall with a private feel.

It is ideal for medium to small sized receptions, dinners, and other gatherings where guests are invited in a private atmosphere. The top floor of the building offers a spectacular view of the city, and each room is decorated with a rose motif to create a luxurious atmosphere.

name of a room floor area ceiling height capacity
dinner reception (wedding) buffet school Theatre
Sakaki, Kashiwa, Fuji, Fuku (Japanese-style room: chair seating) 3F 2.6 3-24
Momo,Kashi,Hagi,Sugi,Nishiki,Sakae,Aoi (Western-style room: chair seating) 2.6 3-24
Ambassador Room (Western-style room) 10F 23 2.3 10 10 10
Presidential Room (Western-style room) 35 2.3 10 10 10
Viola (Western-style room) 43 2.3 20 20 30 20 30
Sonia (Western-style room) 16 2.3 8 8 8
Ofelia (Western-style room) 16 2.3 8 8 8

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Discover the exclusive Grand Rose Ballroom, the sole venue in Yokohama Chinatown capable of hosting up to 1,000 people. Well-equipped for academic conferences and international meetings, it stands as a distinguished space for your events.

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