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Established in 1959, We started with a single Chinese restaurant.

Rose Hotel Yokohama’s story unfolds in 1959, rooted in a solitary Chinese restaurant. Today, over half a century later, every team member remains dedicated to the founding philosophy. With a warm smile and a commitment to service reminiscent of our origins, we continue to welcome guests, making them feel right at home.



The Origin of “Rose Hotel Yokohama
About “Chungking Hotel

Established in 1959, Chungking Restaurant stands as a pioneer in bringing Szechuan cuisine to Yokohama Chinatown. With a rich history, our restaurant has consistently delivered authentic Szechuan flavors. Honoring tradition while embracing innovation, we take pride in crafting a diverse array of dishes that have delighted countless palates.



A landmark in Chinatown
Hotel was established.

The Rose Hotel Yokohama traces its roots back to the establishment of the Hotel Holiday Inn Yokohama in 1981. This venture was a significant initiative by the founder of Chungking Hotel, driven by the belief that “the era of tourism was coming.” Since its inception, the hotel has been committed to adapting to the evolving needs of the times. Notably, it has established the “Yamate Helen Memorial Church” in Yamate, Yokohama, offering an authentic venue for wedding ceremonies.



Rebranded as Rose Hotel Yokohama in 2003

In 2003, the “Hotel Holiday Inn Yokohama” underwent a transformation and emerged as the distinctive “Rose Hotel Yokohama” under its original brand. Drawing inspiration from the rich legacy of Yokohama Chinatown and the growth of Chungking Restaurant, we aspire to create a new brand. Our commitment is to extend a warm and genuine hospitality to our guests today, guided not by manuals but by a heartfelt dedication to service.