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MICE Services

Unlock a world of unparalleled MICE experiences, leveraging our extensive international expertise rooted in the historical significance of the port’s inauguration.

Welcome to Yokohama, a city that unfolded its port in 1895, blending exoticism, Meiji-era romance, and cutting-edge futuristic marvels. Our Rose Hotel Yokohama is nestled in the heart of Chinatown, at Chaoyangmen, offering a front-row seat to the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Boasting world-class amenities befitting an international hub, our hotel features the exclusive Grand Rose Ballroom, accommodating up to 1,000 guests. Experience top-tier hospitality as we extend a warm welcome to you.

Enhancing your stay, we provide exquisite dining experiences through “Chungking Restaurant,” an esteemed establishment in Yokohama Chinatown. Committed to offering personalized and attentive services, we invite you to indulge in the richness of our offerings.


About MICE

Welcome to the world of “MICE,” an acronym derived from “Meeting,” “Incentive,” “Convention,” and “Exhibition/Event.” It encompasses a broad spectrum of business events designed to draw a diverse and sizable audience.

In the highly competitive landscape of international MICE events, Yokohama proudly holds the title of a “Global MICE City of Excellence.” This recognition signifies our capability to triumph over fierce competition with other nations and cities in hosting MICE events. The anticipated economic benefits are substantial, making Yokohama a prime destination for impactful business gatherings.


Features 01

Conveniently located in the heart of Yokohama

The “Rose Hotel Yokohama” resides in the heart of Yokohama Chinatown, providing convenient access to various locations in Yokohama. Its central location makes it easily accessible from all parts of Japan, making it an ideal choice for hosting large conferences and exhibitions with numerous guests.



Features 02

The only one in Yokohama Chinatown,
banquet hall that can accommodate 1,000 people.

Discover our versatile banquet rooms capable of hosting 1,000 standing guests or 500 seated attendees. Tailoring the venue layout to your specific needs and scale, the Rose Hotel Yokohama team is dedicated to assisting you from the application process through the day of your event.

Grand Ball Room


Features 03

Szechuan cuisine from Chungking Restaurant and Western cuisine from the hotel chef.
Western cuisine prepared by hotel chefs.

Experience unique Chinese cuisine in our main dining room, Chungking Restaurant Shinkan, exclusive to Yokohama Chinatown.
Additionally, we present refined Western cuisine, a hallmark of our hotel’s offerings. Elevate your banquet experience with chef service and the captivating Chinese lion dance for an unforgettable event.


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