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Breakfast & Room Service


We offer a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese menu options.

Our breakfast buffet offers a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese menu options, including egg dishes cooked right in front of you, dim sum from “Chungking Restaurant”, Chinese porridge, roast pork, Japanese breakfast, fruit juices, and a wide selection of bread.

For room service, you can enjoy famous Chinese dishes from the well-established “Chungking Restaurant” in Yokohama Chinatown, as well as breakfast and light meals from Brasserie Milly La Forêt in the comfort of your room.


Breakfast Buffet

We offer a buffet-style popular breakfast featuring Chungking Restaurant’s siu mai dumplings and Chinese morning porridge, omelets cooked right in front of you by the chef, and freshly baked bread within the hotel.

Rice / Chinese Porridge (Pork, Shrimp) / Miso Soup / 2 Types of Pickles / Zha Cai / Chungking Restaurant’s Siu Mai Dumplings / Chungking Restaurant’s Glutinous Rice Siu Mai dumplings / Chungking Restaurant Main Branch’s Chinese Style Roast Pork / Chungking Restaurant’s Mapo Tofu / Radish Cake / Chinese-style Chawanmushi / Kinpira / Hijiki / Natto / Scrambled Eggs / Omelet / Fried Eggs / Sausage / Bacon / Vegan Curry / Fried Potatoes / Steamed Vegetables local to Kanagawa / Fresh Salad with Vegetables Local to Kanagawa / Soup / Cereal / Rice / Bread / Fruit (Grapefruit, Pineapple) Yogurt/ Juice / Coffee / Various Teas *Menu items may change depending on the availability of ingredients.