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Guests staying overnight and those using the day-use (day trip) plan can access the facility for a fee.

Enjoy a resort-like atmosphere poolside with deck chairs, chairs, and tables!
A toddler pool, popular last year, is available poolside.
Fun for both adults and children, with an exclusive night pool for adults!!
*A system to check the crowdedness from the room is available, so please use it with peace of mind.

Operation Period
From May 18, 2024 (Sat) to September 30, 2024 (Mon)
Opening Hours
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM / Night Pool 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (May, June, September), 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (July, August)
*After 7:00 PM, only those over 18 are permitted (even with a guardian).
Usage fee    (Per person)
【Adult】May, June, July, September ・・2,200JPY/August・・3,300JPY ※Only for use night pool・・1,700JPY
【Elementary School】May, June, July, September・・1,100JPY/August・・2,200JPY

・During busy times, entrance may be restricted and use time limited. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation for a safe experience.
・Size: A shell-shaped pool with a length of 12m (fresh water/depth 1.2m).
・The pool-side Jacuzzi is heated
・No visitor use, exclusive for guests staying at the hotel
・Not available before check-in or after check-out.
・As an outdoor facility, operations may be suspended in bad weather.
・Swimsuit rental and sales are not available.
・Pool entry is prohibited for individuals with sticker tatto/tattoos/skin contagious/skin disease / bandages.

FAQ about the Rooftop Pool

QDoes the suspension of operations in bad weather mean the pool cannot be used in the rain?
The pool can be used in rainy weather.
However, as the facility is on the rooftop, use may be temporarily restricted in strong winds that could blow away inflatables, during thunderstorms, or intense rainfall.
QWhat happens during crowded times? Is there a chance of not being able to use the pool?
During busy times, guests may wait in their room, and staff will contact them in order. We strive to prevent situations where use is not possible.
*Additionally, we may ask guests who have been using the pool for a long time to make space for others.
QCan I use just the pool without staying at the hotel?
Our rooftop pool is available only to overnight guests or day-use plan (day trip) users. (Charges apply)
*Pool use is denied for guests withsticker tatto/tattoos/skin contagious/skin disease / bandages.
QCan children use the pool alone?
The main pool has a water depth of about 120cm. A guardian must accompany children.
There are reception staff, but they do not constantly monitor the poolside. Please keep an eye on young children for pool safety.
*Children who are not toilet-trained cannot use the main pool and jacuzzi, but may use the toddler pool with swim diapers.
QIs there rental for inflatables?
We do not provide inflatables, please bring your own. An air pump is available at the pool reception.
*As the pool is on the rooftop, please refrain from bringing items like beach balls that can easily blow away. Large items may be restricted during busy times.
Cooperation is appreciated.
Deck chairs (chargeable) are available. Please request at the pool reception.
QIs there a smoking area at the pool?
The entire facility, including the pool, is non-smoking. A smoking area is available on the 2nd floor.
QCan I eat and drink poolside?
Please refrain from eating and drinking alcohol. You may bring drinks for hydration.
(Glass bottles are not allowed due to risk or breaking)
Water and carbonated water are sold at the reception, and vending machines are available poolside.

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